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The easy choice for running a tight operation

When you need secure tight fits and sealsto keep production up and running, Rite-Lok™ Anaerobic Adhesives offer a wide selection of properties to help you save the time and cost of disruptive, unscheduled downtime due to leaks and loose fasteners.

For threadlocking, sealing, retaining, and gasketing, application is fast and easy with just a targeted squeeze of a bottle or tube. In the absence of oxygen and in the presence of metal, the anaerobic formulation cures quickly to a tough plastic that fills, seals, and secures.


RITE-LOK™ RT38 is a single component, highest strength anaerobic retaining compound. RT38 cures when confined in the absence of air between close fitting metal surfaces.  RT38 is formulated for bonding cylindrical parts, to give very high strength bonds.


3M-RITE-2RITE-LOK™ PS77 Pipe Sealant :

Rapid curing, high strength pipe sealant seals pipe joints and hydraulic fittings. Easy to assemble and disassemble. PS77 can replace PTFE tape – it does not shred and cannot contaminate systems like PTFE tape.

3M-RITE-3RITE-LOK™ SF100 ‘Instant Adhesive’ :

Rapid curing cyanoacrylate adhesive, which bonds and repairs a wide range of substrates, allowing parts to be assembled and returned to service in the fastest possible time.  Ideal for bonding ‘O’ rings and other seals, where speed of assembly is critical.

3M-RITE-4RITE-LOK™ SIGEL Gel Adhesive :

RITE-LOK™ SIGEL is a faster curing, very high viscosity/thixotropic Ethyl cyanoacrylate based adhesive. The new formulation shows greater surface insensitivity thus allowing faster bonding of all substrates and improved performance on wood, card and metal.  Suitable for bonding poorly mating components and for porous substrates such as china and other ceramics.

3M-RITE-5RITE-LOK™ TL43 Medium Strength Threadlocker :

Locks threaded components, preventing vibration, loosening and corrosion in the joint. Medium strength allows easy disassembly with hand tools. Unlike many threadlockers, TL43 can be used on parts that are not completely clean.

3M-RITE-6RITE-LOK™ TL70 High Strength Threadlocker :

For high performance and permanent locking of threads, where disassembly is not required.

3M-RITE-7RITE-LOK™ GM74 Flexible Gasketmaker :

RITE-LOK™ GM74 is a form-in-place gasketing product designed for multi-purpose applications on rigid metal flanges and surfaces, e.g. gearbox casings, machinery covers, pump housings, compressor end caps, etc. GM74 cures quickly on steel surfaces and develops low-medium strength.

3M-RITE-8RITE-LOK™ PR 40 Plastic and rubber Cyanoacrylate :

PR40 is a low/medium viscosity Ethyl cyanoacrylate adhesive. PR40 is formulated for very high speed, high strength bonding of plastics and rubbers.