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3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Epoxy Adhesive 2216 B/A

• Flexible, two-part, room temperature curing epoxy with high peel and shear strength.
• Excellent for bonding many metals, woods, plastics, rubbers, and masonry products.
• Good retention of strength after environmental aging.
• Resistant to extreme shock, vibration, and flexing.
• Excellent for cryogenic bonding applications.


Product Data Sheets Size Part Mixed Color
EC-2216 Gray MSDS

Technical Data Sheet

2 oz Tube Kit B/A Gray
1 pt Kit B/A Gray
1 qt Kit B/A Gray
1 gal Kit B/A Gray
5 gal A Gray
5 gal B Gray
EC-2216 Translucent MSDS

Technical Data Sheet

1 pt Kit B/A Translucent
1 gal Kit B/A Translucent
5 gal A Translucent
5 gal B Translucent
5 gal A Translucent
5 gal B Translucent
1 gal Drum A Translucent
1 gal Drum B Translucent