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NORTON® Skived PTFE, Paste Extruded PTFE and UHMW

NORTON® skived PTFE is produced by compression molding a cylindrical billet and “skiving” the film off of the billet in a lathe.  Saint-Gobain has made extensive investments in the latest skiving technologies, enabling us to provide customers with high quality, competitively priced products.  Skiving is carried out at three locations in the U.S., Germany and China.  Skived film is produced in very clean areas with a major focus on contamination control.  Our state-of-the-art skiving lathes make it possible to control to the tightest tolerances in the world.

NORTON® paste extruded PTFE is produced by blending fine-powder PTFE with a lubricant and pressing the film through an extrusion die.  Multiple series of calendar rollers and dry cans set the dimensions of the film and drive off the lubricant.  Paste extruded film is unsintered.

Applications include wire insulation and battery/fuel cell components; the most common use is in plumber’s thread seal tape.  Saint-Gobain services the leading companies in these markets from our Hoosick Falls facility.  Recent investments include automated equipment that enables us to achieve very tight tolerances.  Our computerized slitting and winding equipment can slit to 3 mm, and wind flat pads, universal packages of nearly any configuration and StablEdge®.  We produce films in many RoHS compliant colors.

Skived-homeQuality and Innovation From the World Leader in PTFE Films

  • Products produced in a culture of safety and quality
  • Extensive investment in automation and other production upgrades for continuous improvement in quality and cost competitiveness
  • Supply reliability through strong vendor relationships with global scope and scale
  • Skiving capabilities in place for the tightest tolerances available anywhere
  • All PTFE film, including all colors, is RoHS compliant
  • Extensive research and development supports our manufacturing operations and seeds next-generation products

Skiving-home. . .with film modifications necessary for direct use in your process or product

  • Orienting
  • Calendaring
  • Slitting:  Including very narrow width, universal packages and StablEdge® winding
  • Surface treatment:  Sodium naphthalene and sodium ammonia chemical etching, corona treatments, CHEMLINK® bondable surfaces
  • Adhesive coating:  Pressure sensitive tape versions of most film products are available








Norton® 124 Sintered Extruded PTFE Film

High modulus PTFE film

Norton® 125 Unsintered Extruded PTFE Film

Versatile, high quality unsintered PTFE film

Norton® R128 and R129 Premium Extruded PTFE Film

Premium extruded PTFE film

Norton® R167 Expanded PTFE Film

Expanded, low density PTFE film