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glass-cloth-tape-361-b (1)Glass Cloth and Flame Retardant Tapes

Glass Cloth Tapes are glass cloth backed tapes used in applications requiring high temperature resistance, high adhesion, abrasion resistant, flame retardant properties.
Glass Cloth Tapes, used in applications requiring high temperature high tensile strength, good holding power and abrasion resistance, permanent sealing of high temperature ducts and chambers, sealing thermal and acoustic insulation panels where high adhesion and flame retardancy are needed, aircraft window sealing and many other uses.

msds-sheetsA white, glass cloth film tape with an acrylic adhesive that provides superior product performance and Flame Retardant properties for aircraft maintenance and repair.

3M™ Flame Retardant Sealing Tape 398FR is a glass cloth tape with an acrylic adhesive for many applications requiring high adhesion, an abrasion-resistant backing and flame retardant properties. The tape meets flame retardancy requirements of F.A.R.


msds-sheets3M™ General Purpose Glass Cloth Tape 3615

White, 4.0 mil (0.10 mm) glass cloth tape with a silicone adhesive. Used for many applications requiring high-temperature resistance, high adhesion and a very strong abrasion resistant backing


msds-sheets3M™ Glass Cloth Tape 361

White, 7.5 mil (0.14 mm) glass cloth tape with silicone adhesive. High temperature resistance, high adhesion, and a very strong, abrasion resistant backing. Excellent choice for masking protection in thermal spray operations.