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Loctite Threadlockers Gasketing And Sealing Anaerobics


Rigid Assembly Flange Sealants

Loctite® 504™ gasket Eliminator® flange sealant
Gap Filling
A single-component, instant, low pressure flange sealant that fills gaps to 0.050 in. (1.27 mm).

Item Number
50441 250 ml tube
50480 300 ml cartridge

Loctite® 510™ gasket Eliminator® flange sealant
High Temperature
Product withstands temperatures to 400?F (204?C) and has excellent solvent and chemical resistance. Fills gaps up to 0.010 in. (0.254 mm) and maintains clamping loads for strong, leakproof assemblies. Makes or dresses gaskets in rigid assemblies. Eliminates gasket compression set.

Item Number
51031 50 ml tube
51041 250 ml tube
51074 300 ml cartridge

Loctite® 518™ gasket Eliminator® flange sealant
Forms a flexible, solvent-resistant seal that will not tear or decay. Seals to 300?F (149?C) and and fills gaps to 0.050 in. (1.27 mm). Can be used on flexible metal assemblies, including aluminum surfaces. Easy disassembly and cleaning. Ideal for on-the-spot and emergency repairs, or when a conventional gasket is out of stock.

Item Number
22423 25 ml syringe kit
22424 300 ml syringe kit
51817 6 ml tube
51831 50 ml tube
51845 300 ml cartridge

Loctite® 509™ gasket Eliminator® flange sealant
Product withstands minor flange movements caused by vibrations. It will not run when applied to vertical surfaces. Fluorescent blue properties allow visual inspection during assembly..

Item Number
21525 300 ml cartridge
50965 850 ml cartridge

Loctite® 515™ gasket Eliminator® flange sealant
Makes flexible gaskets for rigid machined flanges with less
than 0.050 in. (1.27 mm) gap. Flexes when flanges move in service.

Item Number
51517 6 ml tube
51531 50 ml tube
51580 300 ml cartridge

Sealants / Dressings For Existing Gaskets

Loctite® Quickstix™ 534™ Hi-Tack gasket Dressing
No mess, semisolid formula offers added control and ease of use. Patented package is portable and won’t leak or spill. Seals and holds the heaviest gaskets during
assembly. Solvent-free and low odor. Suitable to 300°F (149°C).

Item Number
39156 19 g stick

Loctite® gasket sealant 1 (solvent-based)
Reliable, paste-like gasket sealant, dressing and coating. Sets quickly to a hard set and is recommended for rigid, permanent assemblies. Use to 400?F (204?C). Resistant to gasoline and other solvents.

Item Number
30510 1.5 oz. tube
30511 3 oz. tube
30512 7 fl. oz. tube

Loctite® high Temperature gasket maker (solvent-based)
Slow-setting, non-hardening, high temperature sealant. Recommended for heavy-duty applications. Temperature range is -50°F to 600°F (-46°C to 315°C) intermittent. Resists common shop fluids.

Item Number
30558 7 fl. oz. tube

Loctite® gasket sealant 2 (solvent-based)
Reliable, paste-like gasket sealant, dressing, and coating. sets slowly to a pliable film. Best suited for non-rigid, vibrating assemblies. Use to 400?F (204?C). Resistant to gasoline and other solvents.

Item Number
30513 1.5 oz. tube
30514 3 oz. tube
30515 7 fl. oz. tube
80964 5 gallon can