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Semi-rigid Polyolefins / Flexible Thin Wall 2017-04-28T03:48:29+00:00
* : UL/CSA SurfacePrinted NR
: Not recommended †
: Non-RoHSCompliant
Semi-rigid Polyolefins Dual Wall PolyolefinsB8*
B8* D W3B2 W3B2(4X) W3C O2B2 O2C W5DL
Application Typical UL/CSA Strain Relief Special Purpose Strain Relief Dual Wall Thick Adhesive UL DuallWall Thick Adhesive 4:1 Shrink (Repair) Dual Wall Thick Adhesive (Clear) Dual Wall Adhesive UL Thin Wall Sealing Adhesive (Clear) Dual Wall Encapsulant Meltable Inner Wall
Recovery Temperature (nominal) 130° C 140° C 110° C 110° C 115° C 110° C 115° C 130° C
Flame Retardant Yes No Yes Yes No Yes No No
Continuous Operating Temperature -55 to135° C -55 to135° C -55 to 110° C -55 to 110° C -55 to 105° C -55 to 110° C -55 to 110° C -55 to 110° C
Flexibility NR NR Excellent Good Excellent Excellent Good NR
Abrasion Resistance Excellent Excellent Good Excellent Good Good Good Excellent
Solvent Resistance Excellent Excellent Good Good Good Good Good Good
Standard Colors Black, White Black, Clear Black, White Black Clear Black Clear Black, White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Brown, Grey
Military Specification Conformance AMS-DTL-23053/Slash Sheet00V VW-1 E48762 /6 Class 1 /6 Class 2  /4 Class 3  /4 Class 2  /4 Class 1
UL Rating & File No. (Subject 224)  125° C, 600V VW-1 E48762 125° C, 600V E75077 125° C, 600V E75077
(Canadian Standards Assn.)
 125° C, 600V LR33298  125° C, 600V LR33298 125° C, 600V LR33298