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Aviation and Aerospace

Electronic component and frame assembly needs in the Aerospace Industry are served through RTV adhesives, potting, coating, encapsulation and sealing materials that withstand stress and temperature extremes.

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• Cockpit Instruments
• Electronic Power Equipment
• Circuit and Terminal Protection
• Wire Sealants
• Engine Gasketing
• Engine Electronics Potting
• Cargo Door Seals
• Window Assembly Sealants
• Weather Strip Adhesive
• Lighting Sealants
• Ventilation Ducts
• General Maintenance




Consumer Electronics and Microelectronics

RTVs are used extensively in the Electronic and Electric industries to ensure long-term, reliable performance of critical components and electronic circuit assemblies. Silicone adhesives, sealants, conformal coatings, potting gels, encapsulants and thermal management materials play a vital role in many of today’s demanding electronic applications.

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• Power Modules
• Converters
• Solar Cells
• Hybrid ICs
• Micro-Electronics
• PCB Fixing & Sealing
• High Voltage Part Insulation
• Sensors
• Membrane Switches
• LEDs
• Photo Couplers